The Attorneys at The Fogle Law Firm, LLC are happy to discuss your immigration options with you. However, due to the large number of calls and e-mails and inquiries we receive, our policy regarding consultations is as follows:

1. The fee for a consultation either in person or via telephone or video-conference via SKYPE is US$150 for up to half an hour consultation. The fee must be paid prior to the consultation and the appointment must be scheduled with our office. If the consultation is via telephone from outside of the United States, you will be expected to call the office at the time of your scheduled consultation. You may call any of the offices to schedule a consultation, however, it is suggested you call the office closest to you.

2. The fee for a consultation by e-mail is also US$150 which must be paid prior to the consultation and the consultation can include a number of e-mails reasonably calculated to respond to the particular situation of the client.

3. If you decide to hire The Fogle Law Firm, LLC to represent you, the consultation fee will be credited towards the legal fee set for the services we are to provide.

4. Payment should be by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit or debit card and you can either pay online through our “Make a Payment” button or we will fax or e-mail written authorization to charge to your card.

Please contact us directly if there are any questions or concerns regarding the above information.