Judge’s Ruling Keeps DACA Alive

Judge’s Ruling Keeps DACA Alive, What Dreamers Need To Know?

Judge’s Ruling Keeps DACA AliveJudge’s Ruling Keeps DACA Alive, What Dreamers Need To Know?

On Tuesday night just hours after a bipartisan meeting between Trump and members of Congress, federal Judge William Alsup ordered the President’s administration to reinstate part of the DACA program.   Calling the administration’s abrupt decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program “arbitrary” and “capricious,” Judge Alsup’s decision brings hope to the nearly 700,000 children who are beneficiaries of the program, created by President Obama during his last term as President.  Specifically, anyone with DACA status as of September 5th will be permitted to renew the status while the lawsuit is pending.

Currently, the White House is in an uproar over the decision and plans to challenge Judge Alsup’s ruling.  However, the number one question on everyone’s mind is what does this mean for Dreamers?

Glenn Fogle, one of the nation’s top immigration attorneys and immigration advocate says “Alsup’s ruling is another federal message to the trump administration that they have overstepped their boundaries in the rule of law.”

Fogle who has offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte and who travels the country representing immigrants from all over has teamed with non-profit The Immigration Education Project to help serve as many dreamers as possible in the wake of Judge Alurp’s ruling.

“We will be reaching out to our current DACA clients over the next few days personally but encourage any DACA recipient without proper representation to seek experienced legal counsel immediately. We are honored to be working with IEP who chose us at The Fogle Law Firm to represent their DACA members and properly educate their organization on navigating the confusing waters that lie ahead.”, Glenn Fogle continued.

Fogle’s passion is felt throughout his offices nationwide. The Fogle Law Firm’s Senior Immigration Attorney, Brandi Knox, says “[she’s] ready for the long hours that normally accompany a ruling of this magnitude.”

“Communities will be confused as to what this all means and/or what steps should be taken next. We anticipate the influx of concerned calls and look forward to serving as many as we can as fast as we can.”, said Immigration Attorney Knox.

With California having the largest amount of DACA recipients according to data provided from The Washington Post – about 200,000 people. The Fogle Law Firm’s Los Angeles office will undoubtedly receive the bulk of that influx.

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