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Lisa Fogle-Phipps

Office Manager

Lisa Fogle is the Office Manager of the Charlotte Office. She is responsible of the strategic direction and the performance of the Charlotte office. Lisa is also in charge of the day to day office operations and customer service. Lisa joined the Fogle Law Firm in 2012, attracted by the immigration universe thanks to Glenn Fogle, her brother and the principal of the firm. Lisa immediately immersed in every aspect of immigration law and became a passionate advocate for our clients. She supervises the paralegals in their daily cases while providing an efficient service to our clientele. After these 8 years of experience, Lisa knows perfectly how to navigate the difficult situations and procedures, regardless of the political administration of the day.

Prior joining the Fogle Law Firm, Lisa spent 22 years as a Fitness Professional with the YMCA’s of Greater Charlotte. Her background in Fitness Management has been a huge asset in helping her deal with clients and staff throughout stressful moments. As she always says, “my goal at the Fogle Law Firm is to help the immigrants”. She proves it every day.