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Top immigration attorneys at the premiere boutique immigration law firm, The Fogle Law Firm, LLC, have expertise in all areas of United States Immigration and Nationality Law. Under the leadership of H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., our firm has won more cases in the infamously immigrant unfriendly 11th Circuit than any other firm. The success of our firm over the last two decades has created a nationwide demand for our services. We litigate cases in immigration courts nationwide and have offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston and Los Angeles.

H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., one of the top immigration litigators in the country, has excelled in representing individuals and businesses throughout the United States concerning their immigration and nationality matters for over twenty-seven years. Mr. Fogle has assembled and trained an excellent team of attorneys and legal staff which are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality professional legal services. Please feel free to explore our website and do not hesitate to contact us concerning representation for any U.S. immigration related matter.

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“As president Donald Trump continues his war on immigration, here at The Fogle Law Firm we refuse to be intimidated by his unconstitutional threats. We will continue to put our clients and their families first.”.

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BUSH | RENZAs a writer/director duo with our own production company (BushRenz), we need a highly specialized team, with a particular skill set, which often requires that we extend our search beyond U.S borders. We identified a Venezuelan and a Londoner as superstar talent for our graphic design and writing teams, and after a nationwide search––– interviewing several of the best immigration law firms, we settled on Fogle Law––– best decision we could have made! Glenn and his team of magicians left no detail to chance and walked us through the entire immigration process from start to finish. As first-time sponsors of international talent, acquiring work visas and eventually, green cards for our employees was unchartered territory; we required a firm that could provide a hands-on approach. Fogle Law was quick to respond to every concern that we may have had and managed to seamlessly integrate themselves into our day to day duties without intrusion. We highly recommend the Fogle Law firm for any business's immigration needs. In our case, two amazingly talented people's future is now made bright, and the contribution to the forward movement of our business is immeasurable; all as a result of the brilliant work of Fogle Law.  



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