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Alondra Martínez


As a daughter of immigrants, Ms. Martinez has always had a very personal understanding of not only the plight of immigrants, but their priorities and concerns.  Then, while pursuing her Associate Degree in Global Logistics, her business and international law courses further sparked her interest in immigration law and pushed her to pursue her current career. 

Today,  she finds fulfillment in helping her local migrant community and strives to provide stellar service to each and every client she assists.  Since the start of her legal career, Ms. Martinez has successfully assisted clients from all over the world through their consular interviews in Pakistan, Costa Rica, Peru, India, Laos, France, Mexico, among other countries. Ms. Martinez has several years of experience specializing in family-based petitions involving various types of waivers, both abroad and within the U.S. In addition, she has experience with work permit renewals, FOIA investigations as well as immigration court proceedings.  In her free time, Ms. Martinez enjoys spending time with her family and friends.