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Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo

Administrative Assistant

Daniel serves not only as the receptionist but also the face of the Fogle Law Firm. He is the conduit that guides clients through the complex immigration system and connects them with our experienced attorneys. As a DACA recipient, Daniel understands the challenges of the immigration process and provides a very professional assistance to all our clients. 

Daniel attended Eastern Connecticut State University (“ECSU”) where he was awarded full-academic scholarship and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology. In college, he was elected to serve on the Executive Board of The Student Government Association where he tirelessly advocated for students of color and from different socioeconomic backgrounds. He also cofounded Freedom at ECSU, an undocumented student alliance with the purpose of advocating for fair admissions and financial support in higher education.

Daniel is fluent in Spanish.