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Trump Administration Promotes Hardline Judges To Fill Board of Immigration Appeals

The Trump administration is continuing to use its power over the Immigration Court system to make legal immigration processes for immigrants more difficult. The latest action comes as six Judges with a questionable history of handling asylum cases have been promoted to the Board of Immigration Appeals, which reviews all Immigration Judge decisions. This latest move, as reported by Noah Lanard with the Mother Jones news outlet, appears to be part of a intensifying effort to reshape Immigration Court system. This is particularly alarming as the six newly promoted judges have an asylum approval rate far less than the average Immigration Judge, with the new members all having approved less than 20 percent of asylum claims between 2013 and 2018 while the average Immigration Judge approved 45 percent.

The article quotes The Fogle Law Firm principal, Glenn Fogle, an Atlanta immigration attorney who has had many dealings with the newly promoted Board Member William A. Cassidy, as he stated in 2001, “You could have Anne Frank in front of him and he would say it was implausible that she could have hidden in the house for years and not be caught.”

Judge Cassidy is best known for his decision to deport Mark Lyttle, a US citizen who did not speak Spanish, to Mexico. All while Lyttle repeatedly told Judge Cassidy multiple times about his US citizenship.

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