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About the Firm

The Fogle Law Firm is a full-service immigration law firm. We provide world-class U.S. immigration advisory services for families, investors, executives, companies as well as individuals. We accommodate needs that range from the simplest petitions to the most complex service including litigation before the highest courts. We have guided our clients since 1991 from designing their customized legal strategy until the completion of the immigration process, striving for the best possible outcome and results. We have remained a boutique law firm for 32 years because it has been the only way to offer creative, effective immigration solutions through a human and personalized service. We take a practical approach that differs from big firms and focuses on accomplishing your legal needs through a unique combination of vast experience, practical thinking and cost-effectiveness.

We are human-driven. Our success is derived from the brilliant minds of our team that is behind The Fogle law Firm’s effective legal strategies. Our top immigration attorneys have the knowledge, credibility and skill to deliver practical, strategic and result oriented advice. Every case is different and as such, each case inspires us to apply creative solutions in order to obtain the best possible results. The Fogle Law Firm uses technologies that shorten the overall processes applied to individual cases. On this journey, we have found fertile ground to implement innovative legal solutions that have taken our firm to the forefront of the immigration field to the point of creating new caselaw in the U.S. Courts of Appeal.

We are diverse and international. Our top immigration attorneys and legal support team reflect the multiculturalism and diversity of the entire globe. We are a proud team of men and women, from around the world. Our team is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and some regional dialects, which facilitates a direct communication with our diverse clientele.

Our vision is to create and deliver to our customers the most effective immigration solutions.

We listen to each client’s unique concerns and tailor a results and objective-driven approach to create a customized legal strategy until the successful resolution of your case.

Our commitment to the law, our clients and the community reflect our values: integrity, honesty, innovative legal thinking and passion for what we do. Our internal protocols are designed to apply meticulously each of these values in every stage of the process so we can obtain thriving results for each individual case.

Pro Bono 

The Fogle Law Firm is also fully committed with the immigrant community to guarantee a fair access to the due process to individuals who cannot otherwise afford legal fees. Through an experienced and qualified legal team, we select on a case by case basis the candidates that required high qualified legal representation for their immigration matters that usually have been previously denied access to justice due to the complexity of their cases. In order to guarantee our impact in the community, FLF has teamed with other nonprofit organizations and social leaders to assure contact with some of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S. such as the LGBTQ+ Immigrant community, victims of crime and refugees, among others.