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Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled an excellent team of attorneys and paralegals at The Fogle Law Firm, LLC. Usually cases are initially assigned to a paralegal and one of the attorneys will finalize the review and submission of the case. Most likely a paralegal will contact you after you hire us and sign the representation agreement to start collecting documents and information needed to begin working on your case. Please note that you cannot choose a particular paralegal or attorney to work on your case, as the cases are assigned based on specialty and expertise.

We wait. For most applications United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) publishes estimated processing times that will tell us approximately how long we have to wait for it to be processed. However, please note that we do not have control over USCIS processing times. We understand that your case is a priority. However, in most of the cases there is no further action that we can take to expedite the cases when they are being processed by the government.

You can track your case status on line at Please have your receipt number handy. USCIS also publishes estimated processing times. Please have your receipt handy (which has the information of the Service Center processing your case) when you enter this link https:ljegov. /cris/
We welcome follow up calls when done in a reasonable manner. If you think your case is outside processing times, based on the information that we initially gave yqu, you can contact our office and place an UPDATE CALL. We offer different services for cases outside processing times: Service Inquiry ($75), AILA inquiry ($500), Congressional Inquiry ($500) or Writ of Mandamus($ 3,000-$5,000). A paralegal, or an attorney if necessary, will communicate with you via e-mail or phone to provide information on your different options. Expect your call to be returned within 24 hours.
We love to talk to our clients and we reserve visits with an attorney for situations that require legal advice, for example, if your marriage status will change, if you want to withdraw your application, or when an application has been approved and we need to decide about the following steps. For other inquires such as change of address, a paralegal will assist you as per your request. Please refer to question 4 if you wish to place an UPDATE CALL.
We value and respect your time and ours. If you are coming to see an attorney, please be ON TIME. Attorneys are busy tending to your case and many others. We have a 15-minute tolerance policv. Past this time limit, we will offer to reschedule your appointment to allow other clients and our attorneys to proceed with their schedules. We respectfully request at least 24-hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments.
Communication with Clients and Third Parties: In general, communications by the client made in confidence to the attorney where legal advice of any kind is sought for the purpose of legal representation are protected from disclosure. Please note that generally the presence of a third party during confidential conversations waives the attorney-client privilege. Accordingly, confidential communications pertaining legal advice and case strategy will be handled directly with the client or his/her spouse and not with a third party.
If a family member/friend of the client wishes to call to make a payment or to obtain general information about case status we can certainly help as we understand that sometimes our client is detained and/or not available. However, we cannot disclose information about the case strategy and confidential information provided by our client to a family member/friend UNLESS our client decides to waive the attorney-client privilege in writing. If so, we can provide a Waiver of Attorney-Client confidentiality form.

We work hard to provide you with the best service in a timely manner. As such, we expect that you comply with the terms ofyour Retainer Agreement paying your fees on time. We will communicate with you and issue Statements for our services when you have an outstanding balance. All outstanding balances are payable when due. If you anticipate problems in paying your balance, please call our Office Manager who will assist you in your efforts to comply with the terms of your Retainer Agreement and any subsequent Payment Plan.

For attorney fees we accept cash, personal check, money order/cashier’s check, and credit card. You can make the payment by phone, electronic transfer or in person. To pay for government filing fees, you will need to submit a check, money order or cashier’s check payable to the order of U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We do no accept credit card payments.
We reserve the right to charge expedited service fees for last minute engagement of our services. This does not happen often, but if you decide to engage us to attend an interview at USCIS with little anticipation, we may apply additional charges. Also, if you decide to engage our services to respond to a Request for Evidence, a Notice of Intent to Deny or to file an Appeal very close to the deadline to provide the response or to file the Appeal, we may apply additional charges.