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If you are over 18 years old and want to become a U.S. citizen, you will probably have to go through the naturalization process. You must fulfill one of the following circumstances to apply for naturalization and obtain the U.S. Citizenship: 

  • You have U.S. permanent residency (a.k.a. “Green Card”) and have lived in the United States for five years.
  • You have asylum and have lived in the United States for four years.
  • You are the spouse of a U.S. citizen and have lived in the country at least three years.
  • You are a permanent resident, have served in the United States military, and have been in the country for three years.

If you qualify, you will have to demonstrate a solid understanding of the U.S. government and its history, an ability to speak, read, and write English and will need prove good moral character and a favorable disposition towards the United States.

When you become a US Citizen, you will have the freedom to travel freely to other countries, the ability to sponsor other relatives living abroad to come to the US, and the ability to vote in elections. Citizens also have the freedom to seek out more job opportunities.

However, the road toward citizenship can be long and difficult. At the Fogle Law Firm, we assist you with the naturalization application and provide you with an effective preparation to the interview process and civic test. We also help you to clarify your criminal record with USCIS in order to anticipate a denial based on the good moral character requirement.