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Covid-19 Alert

Dear valued client of The Fogle Law Firm, LLC.  We truly appreciate the trust you place in our firm and our team across all offices.
In the current environment, it is important for all of us to interact in a smarter and more conscious manner. We want to personally update you on the situation with COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and the steps we are taking to ensure your health and safety in your current case.

We have learned from past experiences in weather, government shutdown and other related disruptions to effectively continue operations remotely and built our systems for such situations.  In turn, we have refined and improved our ability to protect our customers in situations like this.
To ensure you always have access to the latest information and guidance, we will continue to provide updates on our website relating to our COVID-19 operations. This will include updates on any relevant changes in operations which may impact your case.


Telephone – due to reduced and/or staggered staffing we temporarily may not be able to answer phone calls as we normally are able to do.  If you are unable to reach us through reception or through leaving a message, please email the reception, the paralegal handling your case or the attorney handling your case with the specific details of your question and your contact information so we can call you back.

Email:  Reception Emails for the Offices are As Follows:
Los Angeles:

Safety Precautions

Increasing Lobby and Office Cleaning – The Fogle Law Firm management building has increased the cleaning schedule of our common areas and offices.

Minimizing Interactions

To limit physical interaction, we are rescheduling personal appointments to handle over the phone or by video call. We have technology available for payment online, uploading documents for your applications rather than copying upon check-in. Also, you can use the Post office, fax or email to provide documents to us. If you are coming to sign an application or a legal document, your case manager will have the forms available to expedite the process. Please feel free to take our pens home as these are made for you.

Ensuring the Health of Our Team

We have taken steps to ensure the continuity of our business and welfare of our employees.  This includes instructing employees who feel ill or have a potential exposure to report to leadership and stay home while consulting their healthcare providers.  We are also urging all employees to be vigilant about respiratory etiquette and washing of hands.

Denying Access to Customers and Visitors Who Create Higher Risks.
If customers and visitors to our offices answer yes to any of the below questions, access to our offices will be denied.  Such individuals should alert our offices in advance of closing to make alternative arrangements to sign or have case evaluations.
Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
Have you returned from a cruise trip or any of the countries with travel restrictions from the CDC site in the last 14 days?
Have you experienced fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath in the last 14 days (symptoms can also include sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing)?

Important Guidelines and Procedures

Will Fogle Law Firm be physically closing any offices?
We do not expect to close any offices unless it is on the advice or specific direction of federal, state or local authorities.  We will notify any potentially impacted customers if we are made aware of someone visiting our offices who is confirmed to have COVID-19 or who has been in close contact (as defined by the CDC) with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19 and is reasonably believed to create any exposure at Fogle Law Firm.

Can I e-sign my USCIS Forms?

No, Unfortunately, USCIS does not accept e-signed forms. However, have in mind that you can ALWAYS sign the physical document and then send it back to us via email or regular mail.
Can I hire Fogle Law Firm remotely to initiate my case? Of Course! The Fogle Law Firm has the Retainer ready to send you via email for you to sign at your earliest convenience. As soon as you sign it, please send it back to us (via email, fax or regular mail), make your initial payment by phone or electronically to our website and the case manager will be able to assist you in the next 24 hours to send you the list of documents we will need from you.

Will my case will be delayed due to Covid-19?

COVID-19 isn’t the first business disruption we’ve faced, and what we’ve learned from past experiences have helped prepare us to take care of our customers today. Our adjustments include paperless file systems to ensure our team continues working on your cases both in our offices and remotely to insure timely submissions. Additionally, our strength in numbers across multiple offices allows us to keep your cases on track as a united effort.
Your immigration status in the U.S. is fundamental to your lives, which is why cases cannot – and should not – simply stop. The Fogle Law Firm’s mission of providing steadfast commitment, trusted experience and extraordinary results is never more important than at times like this.
Thank you for your continued trust in Fogle Law Firm.  We look forward to keep assisting you in your immigration needs in the coming weeks.